w704This letter is by way of introducing our company StreetSharp, an online Sales and Marketing organisation. It is our aim, as a dedicated fashion promotions company, to increase the unit sales of those companies we represent, through our online sales facility StreetSharp. Initially our main thrust will be towards the UK and Irish markets.
Our Chief Executive brings a wealth of experience to our enterprise, having worked for some 12 years in the fashion industry as a model, designer and advisor/blogger. She has promoted many well- known international brands with the aim of increasing unit sales. Our co- director has worked with a
multi-national company for many years as a sales and marketing executive.
We would appreciate an opportunity to open discussion with your export sales manager with a view to offering ourselves as an additional sales platform.
We await your response with interest  !!!

The Project of Us …

Decline the daily life with the power of light? You can: at the table, in lifestyle, in the fashion & beauty, fitness, shop for one woman. And it’s easier if we exchange ideas, tips and tricks … like the team, our

Busy schedule – study, work, family, activities that we enjoy, social … – who lives pienissime we have today! Intense, stimulating. But also a bit ‘tiring. That’s why women need of lightness: it is not synonymous with superficiality, but it is a positive mood, a smile to others and to ourselves, the irony that allows us to defuse any situation. And also the strength, the determination that allow us to overcome even the most difficult moments.
Feeding – which must be healthy and varied, but also reconciled with the limited time available to stay in the kitchen – in lifestyle – where more and more less is more, – the fitness – to have fun and feel good without the ‘ physical activity can become an additional stress – in fashion and make-up – which must pay us, valorizzarci and not cause us to “copy” of imposed models.
With this objective was born on Project: STREET SHARP !!!!w704

“Simplicity is the key of elegance.”

536432Fashion passes, style remains … The beauty is neither in nor out, is in the air around you … The fashion reflects the times in which we live, of course – on elegance – uni Woman, The fashion is not something that exists only in abiti.La fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way, live –Of be Woman !!!